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About Us

FAMILYConnections is itself a growing family of more than 30 programs delivering professional counseling, skills building, and prevention services to over 4,000 children, adults, and families each year in Essex and surrounding counties.  Licensed by both the New Jersey Division of Mental Health Services and Division of Addiction Services, we deliver many programs on-site in preschools, schools, community centers, and directly in the home.

FAMILYConnections’ overall goal is to serve the complex needs of our communities.  Our Core Values call for us to insure every day that our work is: 

  • Strengths-Based
  • Culturally Competent
  • Family-Centered
  • Holistic
  • Collaborative
  • Evidence-Based
  • Quality Driven, and
  • Barrier-Free

In the past decade, FAMILY Connections has tripled in size and quadrupled the number of children and families we serve.  This growth has been driven by our Core Values and a deep commitment to expand evidence-based services in three interlocking strategic areas:  1) Strengthening Parents & Families; 2) Early Childhood Development, and; 3) School- and Community-Based Prevention.  The success of this growth is due in part to our expertise in collaborating with preschools, schools and other community partners.  It is also due to our commitment to rigorous utilization of Evidence-Based Practices.   All told, we have now delivered nationally-recognized evidence-based programming to more than 4,800 local children and families.  For a sample of the positive outcome data collected from these programs, please click here.

Our success has been aided by a robust Quality Assurance (QA) program which requires that all of our services define and measure their Outcome Objectives.  QA has also spearheaded the creation of our Cultural Competence program to ensure that all staff are culturally competent – both with each other and with our consumers.

But the first and most important factor in FAMILYConnections' success is the courage of the people who come to us for help.  Their strengths, their hopes, their hard work are THE most important contributors to growth and change. 

And too, we succeed because of the commitment and passion of our staff -- the relationships they build with our consumers, their belief in families' capacity to grow, their willingness to bring both their skills and their hearts to work every day. 

Finally, we succeed because of our highly dedicated Board of Trustees and our donors, whose contributions help children develop empathy and impulse control; help teenagers stay away from gangs and drugs; help families heal and reunite; and help seniors remain independent.


FAMILYConnections, Inc., formerly Family Service and Child Guidance Center is the result of the merger of two organizations. The Family and Children’s Service Agency, which was established in 1959, was originally founded in 1879 as the Registry Society. The Child Guidance Clinic was established in 1948. The mission of both of these agencies was similar; to serve the needs of children and families in the communities of the Oranges, Maplewood, and Millburn-Short Hills.

The merger of these two agencies in 1969, created the Family Service and Child Guidance Center, which provided the community with a rich array of programs and services. The primary focus of the agency continued to be on strengthening family life and supporting the family system. Thus, in 1997, the Board of Trustees changed the name of the agency to FAMILYConnections, Inc.