Please Give Someone Hope and a Second Chance Today!

“I hadn’t had a job in two years.  My counselor made me believe I could change.  I had to do it for my children.  They’re my motivation and my strength.  I graduated from StrongFathers, but I still go in to help other men.  People say I am a role model now. But I am a man trying to take care of his kids.”

Carnell, Family Hero

Carnell is a man who struggled with substance abuse, anger issues, unemployment and most importantly, he was not taking care of his kids.  He found his way to FAMILYConnections’ StrongFathers program which became the tool he needed to get back on track, find confidence and become a better, stronger man, father and member of our community.

And that’s exactly what FAMILYConnections is all about – a gift of hope and a second chance for a better life.

StrongFathers is one of more than 30 specialized programs delivered by FAMILYConnections. We provide professional counseling, skills-building, training and prevention services to over 4,000 children, adults and families each year in 7 counties including Essex, Hudson, Morris and Passaic.

The need is real and the demand for our services is growing.

Those who come to us are struggling with major challenges including domestic violence, mental illness, addiction, trauma, poverty and so much more.  They are worried, sometimes frightened, and feel very much alone.  We guide them through a difficult journey giving them the tools they need to manage life’s challenges.  Our track record is second to none – with more than 135 years of providing ground-breaking services.  We are not only helping thousands of people, we are leaders in the industry.

Today, we invite you to celebrate hope and second chances by investing in the critical services provided by FAMILYConnections through our Annual Giving Campaign.

Your will gift will support sustainable, innovative programs allowing us to provide the highest quality services so our clients can achieve the best treatment and recovery outcomes.  The demand is growing but government support is not.

Hope Lives Here!  Your support will allow us to serve more children, adults and families.  Please consider a gift today – your help matters more than ever!

On behalf of everyone we serve, thank you and best wishes for a happy holiday season.


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