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Dear Friends,

Our DREAMS program works with children exposed to Domestic Violence and their survivor parents (mostly mothers) who have often endured years of intimidation and abuse in the one place that is supposed to be safe – their own home.

Back in 2011, DREAMS had a beautiful warm place for these women and children, sunny and nurturing, where they came for creative arts therapy and individual counseling. But that Home-Away-From-Home was destroyed – not by Hurricane Sandy, but 14 months earlier by Hurricane Irene.

Now, 14 months and another hurricane later, DREAMS is still in a cramped and windowless temporary shelter. So as the effects of Sandy are still strong in your lives and thoughts, imagine what it would be like to still be reeling from storms of violence in your own home. The women and children who are living with all these challenges need your help. We need to move DREAMS out of its temporary basement quarters and into a proper warm and welcoming HOME. We have the raw space and we’re ready to go. But we need you to help make it happen.

Help us Build a New Home for DREAMS. Please give as generously as you can so that women and children who have endured terrible violence can have a sunny HOME in which to heal from their own personal hurricanes.


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