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FAMILYConnections has been helping families heal from domestic violence (DV) since 2008 through DREAMS of Essex, a program of creative arts therapies and support services for children and their parents who have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse. Read a story from a survivor.

It is DREAMS’ tradition to pay homage to DV survivors and allies during October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month and this year DREAMS decided to try something new…

itscalledataktopDREAMS is taking the cause to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and bringing awareness to the violence that has become so engrained in our everyday language…and we don’t even realize it! How many of us have used the term “wifebeater” to describe those white ribbed tank tops that can be bought at the grocery store without realizing what it means to toss around the word so casually. Well…#itscalledatanktop!

Learn about the term “wifebeater”

Who is involved:


When is it going on:

Throughout October, 2016 – Domestic Violence Awareness Month

How to get involved:

DREAMS is inviting the public to become involved in the campaign by posting pictures of their white ribbed tank tops decorated to portray their own experience or feelings related to domestic violence and hashtagging the campaign (#itscalledatanktop). DREAMS clients and staff will be depicting their experience of DV on tank tops as well and will be posting pictures throughout the month. The tanks will not be photographed with the client’s face to not only protect their identify, but to show that DV can impact any person.

Posting Pictures

Post them on your own!

The picture of the tank top does not have to be a person wearing it, but if it is please leave their face out of the picture.  Make sure to include #itscalledatanktop and @FAMConnect on Twitter, @familyconnectionsnj on Instagram and @FAMILYConnections on Facebook.


We’ll post them for you!

Send the pictures to Danielle Dinneen at ddinneen@familyconnectionsnj.org – she will post them! Please be sure to include an agency (@username) or program that you would like tagged in the pictures!

Join us: FacebookTwitterInstagram #itscalledatanktop