An Appeal that Gives Back

We invite you to take part in the One Roof Campaign sponsored by CSH, a leading developer of supportive housing solutions for the homeless.  CSH has embarked on One Roof to elevate the visibility of families who are at the intersection of homelessness and child welfare involvement, with an aim of ensuring that no child is placed in foster care due to a families’ housing instability.

FAMILYConnections is working with CSH to promote the goals of One Roof.

We invite you to join with us by making a tax deductible contribution to One Roof.

Make that donation even more special by donating in the name of a family member—you will be honoring them with a gift that will help keep a family together.

Half of all proceeds from One Roof will be distributed to two partner agencies – FAMILYConnections being one of them – as grants for direct client support such as clothing and diapers, school supplies, household goods, job training/certification programs etc. The remaining funds will benefit CSH’s One Roof Initiative ensuring communities across the country have the needed tools to end the intergenerational cycle of child neglect and homelessness.

The Need

According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development 2015 Annual Homelessness Assessment, 206,286 people in families, including 127,787 children under the age of 18 were homeless on a single night in 2015. For some of these families, lack of adequate housing contributed to the decision to open child welfare cases, place children in out of home care, or delay reunification of children with parent.

Keeping Families Together

As a leading NJ counseling and family services agency with many years of experience working with the child welfare system, FAMILYConnections is addressing this need with HomeSafe.  HomeSafe is a supportive housing program designed to help child welfare involved families be safely, healthfully and permanently reunified/stabilized in their own homes.

The program is based on a CSH model, “Keeping Families Together” and is funded by the NJ Department of Children and Families. Since HomeSafe was first piloted in Essex County 3 years ago, 24 families have been housed and 49 children have remained with their families and stayed out of the foster care system.

HomeSafe offers service in the following areas:

  • Housing Case Management: Families receive assistance in selecting and obtaining housing.  Assistance is also provided in budgeting and other household needs, and linkage to outside or other FAMILYConnections services.
  • Clinical Case Management: Weekly home visits providing individual and family counseling, monitoring and support of other treatment and services, and a review of treatment plan goals.
  • Peer Support and Parent Advocacy: Peer support groups where families can work with other families with similar problems and receive feedback and support.

HomeSafe began as an Essex County pilot in 2014, providing supportive housing to 10 families.  The program expanded to Passaic County in 2015; to Hudson County in 2016; with a further expansion of 15 families in Essex County in June 2017.


Today, 19 families are currently receiving supportive services through HomeSafe:

  • 100% of families are safely housed
  • 93% remain housed 12 months after placement
  • 86% have had no re-occurrence of child abuse or neglect reports
  • 90% experienced an increase in mental health and substance abuse well-being
  • A Fiscally Fit Campaign has been initiated to help families remain stable through job readiness and financial independence

Please consider a gift to the One Roof Initiative.

You will be helping FAMILYConnections provide needed items for families in HomeSafe – many who are starting over and need help with the basic necessities—to create a stable and safe home for themselves and their families.


Thank you!