Bi-lingual Clinical Services
395 South Center St.,
Orange, NJ

Culturally competent mental health treatment for Spanish speaking children, adults, and families to reduce stress and enhance coping skills, resulting in greater social integration, more school success, and brighter prospects for children and families.

Eligibility & Referral Information

Exclusionary Criteria:

  • Imminent danger to self/others
  • Imminent danger/seriously threatened by someone else
  • Actively psychotic

Program Components

  • Individual and family counseling in Spanish
  • Play therapy
  • Psychiatric evaluations and medication monitoring, when needed
  • Case management to assist with concrete needs

Examples of Issues We Address

  • Marital / couple discord
  • Depression and/or anxiety in children and adults
  • Poor school performance
  • Bereavement / loss
  • Domestic violence
  • Problems of aggression or noncompliance at home and/or school
  • Psychotic symptoms in adults and children
  • Intergenerational family conflict
  • Anger Management
  • Physical/sexual abuse (via DYFS referral)


Please email or call (973) 675-3817