Multiple Locations

IP=IK delivers “The Incredible Years” and other evidence-based curricula to infants, toddlers, and preschool children, as well as their parents to foster early childhood social and emotional development and personal safety as well as parent engagement, parenting skills training, and additional family support services.

Eligibility & Referral Information

Open to all children and parents

Program Components

  • Incredible Years (IY) Preschool Child Training
  • IY Parent Training
  • IY Parents & Toddlers Training
  • IY Parents & Babies Training
  • 2nd Step “Talking About Touching” Curriculum

Examples of Issues We Address

For children:

  • Physical aggression, other conduct problems, in the classroom or at home;
  • Social skills and conflict resolution skills
  • Understanding of feelings of self and others, including empathy;
  • Knowledge and use of personal safety techniques.

For parents:

  • Understanding and ability to apply knowledge of their children’s developmental stages;
  • Use of praise and other positive discipline techniques;
  • Use of consistent limit-setting;
  • Use of positive family communication and problem-solving.


Please contact Gisele Gaulden at 862-240-6551 or