Orange, NJ

PrePARE is FAMILYConnections’ award-winning model to foster early childhood social and emotional development. PrePARE is located on-site at collaborating preschools and schools and includes play therapy, evidence-based curricula in social skills and personal safety, and parent & caregiver training.

Eligibility & Referral Information

Open to all children at our collaborating preschools and schools.

Program Components

  • Individual Play Therapy
  • Evidence-based social skills curriculum
  • Evidence-based personal safety curriculum
  • In-class teacher support and consultations in early childhood emotional and behavioral issues
  • Parent education and support regarding their children’s emotional and behavioral development
  • Screening and advocacy regarding special education needs, including speech and language issues

Examples of Issues We Address

  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Ability to follow rules
  • Social withdrawal
  • Capacity for empathy
  • Personal child safety regarding cars, guns, fires, and good-touch/bad touch