Dear Friends,

Thanks to the support we received from our donors and community partners, we are proud to report that in 2016, FAMILYConnections served over 4,000 children, adults and families. Imagine 4,000 people. Let that sink in for a minute… that’s a lot of second chances!

Our neighbors are the children and families who come to FAMILYConnections each year, people who need hope for the future. People just like Yveline and Jeanette who have shared their stories RIGHT HERE.

reunity-house-pictureHope Lives Here! At FAMILYConnections, that’s our guiding light, our core principle.

For 137 years, FAMILY Connections has been working hard to provide counseling, skills-building, training and prevention services to children, adults and families. Those who come to FAMILYConnections are struggling with significant challenges including domestic violence, mental illness, addiction, trauma, poverty and so much more. They come to us in search of a second chance. The need is real, and the demand for our services is growing. We are expanding our outreach around New Jersey from Essex County to Hudson and Morris Counties, and as far north as Sussex County, bringing 35 specialized programs to even more people in need.

As a leading counseling and family services agency, FAMILYConnections improves the quality of life throughout our communities by reducing child abuse, drug abuse, gang involvement and crime; by increasing social & coping skills, school success and employability; and by healing emotional pain and helping people grow strong and independent.

DONATE It has been said, “The best gift in life is a second chance.” So please join us and give that gift today!

Your support makes our work possible. It’s as simple as that.

Wishing you and your family all the best this holiday season.

Thank you.


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Jacques Hryshko                       Alan P. Levine
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