Save School-Based Programs!

The State of New Jersey announced that their 2021 budget would eliminate all 90 School-Based Youth Services Programs throughout the State. Four of these are run by Family Connections in Maplewood Middle School, Columbia High School, Orange High School and Bloomfield High School. Learn more about our School-Based services and why they are essential for the community here. Read developing news stories on our Twitter feed.

For the safety and healthy development of our local youth, we believe that this is a decision we must fight! Join us in making the voices of your community heard and help restore SBYSP funding! There are many actions you, your colleagues, family members, and students can easily take:


Share on social media using #SaveSchoolBased

•  CALL / EMAIL / WRITE your State Legislators, the Governor’s Office, Senate and Assembly Budget Committee members, and Legislative Leadership:

Download a template letter to legislators and the Governor here.

Write and call your State Legislators.  You can send your individualized version via email or regular mail. Find your local legislators’ contact information by clicking on the following links: name, locality or district. (Once you know your district, it is best to use that link as you then can click on “Legislators for District #” that will have one page with your Senator and two Assembly Members and all their contact information.)

Click here to write the Governor! Send him the same letter/email and call his office.

Write and call the Assembly Budget Committee Members and Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee MembersFind the Committee Members’ phone numbers here.

Send the same letter/email and call Assembly and Senate Leadership. Click on the names in this link for contact information.

•  CONTACT your legislators or groups of legislators via social media:

Click on this link for a document that provides social media links for The Governor and the Legislature (for groups by Party and Senate/Assembly).

Click on a name for individual social media links for Democratic Assembly Members here.

Tag Family Connections when you reach out on Facebook @familyconnectionsnj and on Twitter @familyconnectnj

•  ASK your School Board, Town Council, County Board, all State or Local elected officials to sponsor a resolution:

Download a Templated Resolution here

•  Share the DCF September 2018 Report on the SBYSP