Examples of Track Record Achieving Evidence-Based Outcomes

Program / Outcome Measured




Children demonstrating increased social skills 75% 89%
Children demonstrating increased knowledge of feelings
& empathy
75% 83%
Children demonstrating increased knowledge of personal
safety skills and sexual abuse awareness skills
75% 100%

School-Based Youth Services Programs:

Students who participate in academic components will
improve attendance & grades
80% 83%
Students who participate in social skills services will
demonstrate improved social functioning in school
80% 89%

Skills for Strength:

Participating children will demonstrate increased social
75% 78%
Children will demonstrate increased anti-drug knowledge 75% 89%
Families will demonstrate 1) decreased conflict, 2)
improved communication and cohesion, and 3) improved parenting skills.
75% 87%

Reunity House (Supervised
Visitation & Parent Training):

Parents will report increased use of positive non-physical
parenting techniques
80% 91%
Parents will demonstrate increased understanding and
stages of child development & attachment and increased ability to apply
this to their parenting styles
80% 84%
Families completing program will remain reunified &
stable one year after completion of program
80% 100%

(Adolescent Drug Abuse Treatment
& Life Skills):

% of participants who are drug/alcohol free 60% 70%
% of participants not drug/alcohol-free who have reduced
their number of days of use/month by 50%
50% 65%
% who demonstrate increased self-management and social
70% 88%
% of participants who demonstrate reduced family
85% 86%

Adolescent Crisis Intervention Program (DYFS In-Home):

Children will have their placement stabilized &
improved throughout duration of services
75% 82%
Guardian & Therapist will report crisis was
successfully managed
75% 89%
Child reduced criminal/other severe acting out during
75% 85%
Child placement will remain stable 6 mo’s after
75% 100%