Meet Toni

Meet Program Participant, Toni, who has been part of Family Connections for over 25 years. Read more about her below and hear her story on our YouTube channel.

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“How did I get here?” That’s something we often hear from Family Connections program participants. After a series of adverse events, they end up in a situation they never thought they would be in. It could happen to any one of us, at any time. I’d like to share one such story of an incredible woman and Family Connections program participant, Toni, who came to us over 25 years ago. She was a new mother when she discovered that her partner was suffering from addiction. On top of that, she was devastated to learn that he was also facing unfathomable legal troubles. Through no fault of her own, her life was changed forever.

Toni began one-on-one counseling at Family Connections because she was struggling with her mental health. Being a mother of two without her partner by her side was not how she envisioned her life would be. Through counseling and support, Toni was able to improve her well-being and take care of her children, eventually moving on from Family Connections.

“I was in a place in my life I thought I would never be, Family Connections helped pull me out of the darkness that I could not get out of on my own.”

As Toni’s life continued, both children quickly grew up and she found herself managing challenging adolescents in the presence of negative influences. She began to feel helpless as a mother. She returned to Family Connections where she knew she would get the support that she needed. We provided Toni and her children with individual as well as family counseling. She also attended support groups with other families dealing with similar issues.

“Family Connections provided my family with the stability and support that we needed at a very difficult time.”

Later, when Toni’s mother developed dementia, she was struggling as a caregiver. Once again, she knew where to go. Family Connections’ Caregiver Connections Program provided counseling and resources to Toni and her mother.

“Family Connections gave me the reassurance I needed to have my own life and to make myself a priority while caring for my mom.”

Toni is still with Family Connections and has been able to benefit from other resources that we provide. Through our healthy food delivery partnership, she was able to improve her health and lose weight by preparing and eating healthier meals. She also qualified to receive a computer from Family Connections during the pandemic which she used to launch a small business!

Toni is truly an amazing woman who, throughout her life, has had to ask herself “How did I get here?” She had the strength and perseverance to find help when she needed it most. We are so proud of how far Toni has come and all the progress she has made!

Program participants like Toni are the reason we continue our high-quality work and why we are committed to excellence. At Family Connections, our program participants know that they will get the help they need and gain a lifelong support system, even at times when they struggle to understand “how did I get here?”

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