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NJ4S-Essex has a variety of useful resources for students, parents, educators and community stakeholders. Engage in our webinars, community events, and explore additional resources from other programs in Essex County.

Community Events


Welcome to our educator resource section designed to support educators and Essex County with valuable resources for professional development to support the student’s well-being. Here you can explore a range of resources available including mental health services, community support, and meaningful webinars to enhance your classroom needs. Whether you’re looking for tools to address social-emotional learning resources for diverse learners or support for your well-being as an educator y’all find resources here to enrich your practice and better serve your students.

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Community Providers

Welcome to our community provider resource section where individuals and organizations can access a variety of tier-one services which includes universal prevention education to parents, educators, and students of all ages throughout Essex County. Our comprehensive resources cater to the diverse needs of our community offering programs and services aimed at promoting social-emotional well-being, mental health support, and academic success.

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Explore a variety of resources produced by NJ4S-Essex and other great programs in Essex County. These resources aim to support parents in fostering their child’s development, both academically and socially. Whether you’re seeking educational opportunities, fun activities, or informative webinars our selection is designed to empower parents with the tools they need for their child’s well-rounded development.

Resource Links

Reveal to Heal Life Enrichment Summer Camp: Social emotional learning fun, creative, and educational activities.  – Summer Camp Open House

Free Parent Resource Guide – 5th Grade Parent Alert

If a customer’s WFNJ/TANF case has closed within the last 24 months and have been employed for at least 4 months with a minimum of 20 hours per week, this program is designed to support their career aspirations. – Career Advancement Voucher Program

New Jersey Consortium for Immigrant Children: Cover All Kids & Enrollment Assistance Information- Resources by County 

Child Mind Institute Education– How to Talk to Your Child’s Teacher

Child Mind Institute Education– Multilingual Trauma Resources

Essex County Prosecutor’s Office– Annual Summer Youth Internship Program

MyWellbrook – Personalized behavioral healthcare for adults, adolescents and children.