2015 Annual Appeal


When people think of FAMILYConnections, two words come to mind – transforming lives. Every day, FAMILYConnections helps children, adults and families transform their lives for the better through innovative counseling, skills-building, training and prevention services.

Our school-based programs and other prevention services inspire kids to believe in themselves and succeed at school. Our Reunity Houses safely reunite families broken by abuse. Our counseling services help youth and adults overcome mental illness and addiction. Our DREAMS program gives domestic violence survivors the strength to nurture their children and build new lives. And, we empower seniors to take care of their health and strengthen their independence. All of our services are state-of-the-art and serve the most vulnerable in our communities.

FAMILYConnections collects hard data to prove our programs really work. But the best proof is the words of those who come to us for help:

  • I found peace and people who care about me and my kids.”
  • “Since coming to FAMILYConnections, I am more hopeful.”
  • “I feel like I started a new life.”
  • “There is a whole new world out there, and I thank FAMILYConnections for helping me find it.”

Please join us in transforming lives with a tax-deductible donation today!

Our best wishes to you and your family!

Thank you


Jacques Hryshko
Executive Director

Alan P. Levine
President, Board of Trustees