Our Leadership

The best organizations inspire staff to live their mission, offer opportunities for growth, and foster loyalty.  Our diverse senior staff have a combined 124 years at Family Connections – and most of them started as front-line clinicians.

Senior Staff

  1. Jacques Hryshko, LPC, Chief Executive Officer
  2. Krista Zuccheri, LPC, SPHR, Chief Operating Officer
  3. Thelma Villamor, Chief Financial Officer
  4. John Surface, LCSW, Chief Strategy Officer
  5. Milissa Aronson, LCSW, Director of Compliance
  6. Andrew Bush, Director of Information Technology
  7. Laura Collins, Director of Advancement
  8. Sharon McCaffrey, LSW, Director of Quality Assurance
  1. Konniesha Moulton, LMFT, Director of Programs
  2. Alexandria Riley, LCSW, Director of Programs
  3. Kelly Sachter, LCSW, Director of Programs
  4. Amanda Santana, MA, Director of Programs
  5. Diane Travers, LCSW, Director of Programs
  6. Desare Ward, Director of Human Resources

Board Of Trustees

  1. Jody Lipsky, President
  2. Jacqueline A. Breslauer, CIA, CFSA, CCSA, Vice President
  3. Braden Schipke, CFP®, Vice President
  4. Faith S. Lefkort, Secretary
  5. John R. Feldman, Treasurer
  6. Lisa Simone Cleveland, Esq.
  7. Arlene Correa
  8. Felicia Fdyfil-Horne, LCSW
  9. Carl Feinberg
  10. Mary Grace Finn
  11. Autumn Finney
  12. Denise Jaffe-Altschuler
  13. Roxanne Kam, CPA
  1. Alan P. Levine*
  2. Joan E. McGeough
  3. Marie McGehee
  4. Karyn Miller
  5. James Moldow
  6. Heidi W. Murphy
  7. Saryu Patel
  8. Carisa L. Reilly
  9. Allan Tananbaum
  10. Jami Thall
  11. Michael Trien     
  12. Nelson Troche-Hayes