Why We Succeed

Over 4,000 people across eleven counties – and counting – benefit every year from our expansive range of specialized services. Why? Because:

  • We’re leaders in our field. We partner with state government to pilot innovative new services, build and share solutions that address nationwide social ills, and present at conferences around the country to advance innovation and excellence.
  • We pride ourselves on our inclusivity. Our robust cultural competence program ensures that all staff members embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work.
  • Our clients are the experts. We center our work on their lived experiences and listen with respect, always. Different people benefit from different approaches and complex challenges call for creative combinations of techniques, including evidence-based clinical practices, peer support groups, creative arts therapies, field trips and service learning, and mindfulness meditation and yoga.
  • Our strict quality assurance program ensures we’re constantly improving. We monitor programs and track outcome data to evaluate, reflect on, and
    enhance our work.
  • Our exceptional rankings in consumer satisfaction AND staff satisfaction surveys are a clear measure of succeeding in our mission and a source of enormous pride.
  • No single agency can provide all that our clients need, so we build strong partnerships with other service providers, community
    organizations, and businesses.