What Clients Are Saying

How do we summarize the successes of thousands of people, every year, in all our programs across Northern New Jersey? The same way we do everything at Family Connections: One human being at a time. Here are some of their own words.

“I have met awesome people that are so sweet and respectful to my kids and they don’t treat me or my kids like another case. I feel very comfortable and welcome.”

“The staff are amazing. I could never have done it alone, very grateful of you guys.”

“Coming to Family Connections saved my life, without their help I would have been either in prison or dead.”

“What I enjoy most about coming to Family Connections is the support. They make you feel welcomed and not belittled. They build you up, the support is wonderful, the workers are very caring and genuine.”

“I am learning how to communicate my feelings and cope with my past trauma in a safe environment.”

“With the support of Family Connections, I’m learning how to be a better dad.”

“The security I feel in the program, alongside the understanding mannerisms of the staff. The atmosphere present is welcoming and comfortable, and I feel as though I am progressing.”

“Everyone treats me as if I was their family member.”

“I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart and keep up the great work.”

“Thank you for bringing my family together and giving me the resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

“ I am grateful to have this organization for giving me the support to help raise my daughter in a safe and healthy environment. I wish there was a Family Connections in every town.”

“I would love to stay on your service forever if I could.”

“This is a wonderful program, I have gone to private personal therapists before, but it did not have such a profound effect on my life.”

“Family Connections helps in all ways to better myself and to learn from my mistakes.”

“I was given an opportunity to make a life for me and my children.”