Youth Services

Family Connections’ Youth Services focus on breaking the cycle of poverty and addiction within families – and on empowering youth to make positive choices and BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES. The services include counseling, mentoring, prevention efforts and school-based support.

Our Youth Programs include:

Family and Youth Support: Intensive in-home counseling for children and emerging adults dealing with high-risk behaviors and/or family conflict.
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Help at Home: A range of therapeutic , behavioral management and mentoring services for children with emotional and behavioral challenges, and their families.
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Outreach to At-Risk Youth: Group counseling for at-risk youth aimed at reducing their risk of teen pregnancy, gang involvement, teen violence and other unhealthy behaviors.
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Pride+: A program for LGBTQIA+ Youth in South Orange, Maplewood, and Millburn providing a safe space for youth anywhere on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum to connect, hang out, get peer support, plan activities, and get professional counseling if desired.
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School-Based: On-site mental health counseling, life skills training,
prevention programming, academic and employment support, after-school enrichment and recreation, in collaboration with school staff and community partners – all designed to improve academic performance and social-emotional growth.
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The Den at Bloomfield High School
The Hub at Maplewood Middle School
The Loft at Columbia High School
The Space at Orange High School
The Zone at Orange Preparatory Academy

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