A Message from Our CEO

Getting to Hope

Like so many others, I have been grieving ever since the murder of George Floyd. As a person who lives with white male privilege, I know I cannot fully grasp the fear and rage of black and brown people and what it’s like to live every waking minute with the systemic racism on which this country is built. I don’t have to worry when my son goes out for a jog or I go for a bike ride. All I can do is try to be a stronger and louder ally for the people of color in my neighborhood and, especially, those I have the privilege to work with at Family Connections.

So I am writing to say how sick and angry I am at the blatant oppression embedded in our society. I know that, at our core, Family Connections is fighting for social justice, equity and inclusion. George Floyd’s murder is only one of the latest examples of the pervasive injustice we are trying to undo. I know that everyone at Family Connections is in pain; that our families are in pain; that our communities are in pain. I can’t breathe. These are the words George Floyd left us with.

But we at Family Connections refuse to quit fighting for social justice. That’s why we all got into this field and why we get up and go to work every day. It is from this core that we do our best work and we are at our best when we join all of our resources and strengths together.

Far too many people in our communities face serious challenges—from systemic racism, COVID-19, and rampant unemployment to mental illness and other trauma, to addiction, domestic violence and child abuse. The list goes on and on of the disparities and opportunity gaps that separate the privileged from the un-privileged. But one oft-overlooked difference is in access to hope. At Family Connections, our amazing staff and cutting-edge programs support thousands of people across Northern New Jersey – every day – in gaining access to hope. Because, whatever challenges we are facing, we need hope to begin our journeys to healing. So please join us in re-committing – every day – to being a place where hope meets possibility.

Jacques Hryshko
Chief Executive Officer