FAMILYConnections is a leading NJ counseling and family services agency
delivering professional counseling, skills-building, training and prevention
services to over 4,000 children, adults and families each year in
7 NJ Counties including Essex, Hudson, Morris and Passaic.

 Our high-quality research-based services are delivered in our offices and
also in pre-schools, schools and directly in the home.  We go the extra
mile to improve the quality of life throughout our communities by
reducing child abuse, drug abuse, gang involvement and crime;
by increasing social & coping skills, school success and employability;
by healing emotional pain and helping individuals and families
grow strong and independent.


In Honor of Dennis and Kelly

Each day, our staff is motivated by a vision in which our services are obsolete
because all children, adults, and families are nurtured, educated and
empowered by safe, healthy, inclusive communities.

When you give to FAMILYConnections you will be helping people
overcome major challenges including domestic violence, mental illness,
addiction, trauma, poverty and so much more.

That’s something to celebrate!

Thank you!

Engendering Hope, Enhancing Safety, Healing Trauma,
and Strengthening Families and Communities

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