Funded by:
Essex County Division of Senior Services

Caregiver Connections helps caregivers deal with the stress of caring for a senior in the home. Services are provided free of charge, in-home or near home.

Eligibility & Referral Information

  • Essex County Resident
  • No age restrictions for caregivers of a loved one 60 years or older
  • Open to Grandparents, 60 years or older, taking care of minors

Program Components

  • Counseling
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Case Management and wraparound services

Examples of Issues We Address

  • Alleviating the stressors of being a caregiver of a senior aged 60+ years
  • Helping grandparents 60 years or older to deal with the stress of taking care of a minor
  • Education on mental health issues related to stress


Please contact Miriam Taunean at 973-715-9756 or