They Need Us
Now More Than Ever

As Family Connections continues to navigate the current health crisis, we need your support, now more than ever, so that we can continue our life-changing work.

In March, when everyone was forced to work from home and the first effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were being felt by our families, Family Connections invested in technology for every employee to work remotely, so we never stopped working for our clients.

In April, when it became clear that mental health issues were on the rise and many isolated clients were turning to drug use and self-medicating, Family Connections launched telehealth services, so we never stopped working for those who needed mental health and substance use support.

In July, the parents we work with, whose children had been placed in foster care, were growing distraught from the lack of in-person supervised visits. Family Connections’ staff stepped up to serve on the front lines, restarting in-person visitations, so we never stopped working for those who needed to hold their children in their arms.

In September, when the New Jersey state budget was announced and School-Based Youth Services Programs were in danger of losing funding, Family Connections continued to be a stabilizing force for our students. During a time of uncertainty, we never stopped working for and supporting the students who needed us most.

Since the onset of the pandemic it has been clear that our clients have been disproportionately impacted. We have seen parents laid off from low-wage jobs, losing their health insurance and unsure how they would feed their families. We have seen students stuck at home dealing with the lack of interaction with their peers and experiencing mental health issues for the first time. And, we have seen firsthand how this pandemic has intensified child abuse, substance use, domestic violence and mental health issues in shuttered homes throughout our communities.

For all these families and individuals, throughout the pandemic, we never stopped working.

With the deepening mental health crisis this pandemic has produced, demand for our services continues to increase, yet our essential New Jersey State funding has been cut due to the state’s severe budget crunch. Thus, as needs increase, our resources are dwindling.

That is why we need you! Please support Family Connections today so we can keep working for those who need us, now more than ever.

Supporting Family Connections means supporting individuals and families, who need us, now more than ever.

With your financial support, you could provide:

One employee with the technology they need to work from home effectively and efficiently.

A family with one Chromebook and eight months of internet service to use for telehealth and online learning.

One family of six and a clinician with the personal protective equipment needed for two months of in-person visitations.

Read one family’s story here.