Domestic Violence

What is the definition of Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence or Abuse can be defined as a pattern of behavior in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner.

Dreams, Our Domestic Violence Services Program

Family Connections’ Domestic Violence counseling program, Dreams, provides domestic violence survivors and their children with art therapy classes and counseling. Additionally, we offer group support to survivors and their children.

Family Connections works with many local domestic violence shelters in and outside of Essex County as well as provides various domestic violence resources to participants.

New Jersey Domestic Violence Statistics

In 2019, the State of New Jersey provided the following statistics:

  • 59,645 domestic violence offenses reported by the police
  • Domestic violence murders increased by 3 percent compared to the previous year
  • Children were actively involved or present during 25 percent of all domestic violence incidents occurring in 2019
  • The number of domestic violence complaints that had prior court orders issued against the offender increased from 9,853 in 2018 to 10,761 in 2019
  • Alcohol and/or drugs were involved in 22 percent (12,898) of the reported offenses