School-Based Services
The Space, Orange High School
The Loft, Columbia High School
The Hub, Maplewood Middle School
The Den, Bloomfield High School
The Zone, Orange Preparatory Academy

Our on-site school-based programs provide safe, nurturing places for students to hang-out during and afterschool and throughout the summer, with a wide range of recreational, skills-building, and prevention services to help youth and their families build strength, character, compassion and optimism about themselves and their futures.

Eligibility & Referral Information

  • Open to all students in collaborating schools.

Program Components

  • After-school enrichment, recreation and field trips
  • Mental health counseling (individual, family, and drop-in)
  • Life skills training
  • Prevention programming to address gang activity, bullying, substance abuse, sexual activity
  • Academic & employment support
  • Community service projects


Examples of Issues We Address

  • Behavior problems in school
  • Bullying
  • Conflict with parent/guardian, teachers, or peers
  • High-risk behaviors (gang involvement, substance abuse, truancy, sexual activity)
  • Academic challenges
  • Depression / other mental health issues
  • Self-injurious behavior
  • Family/ home stressors (death of family member, divorce, socio-economic challenges)
  • Employment skills and referrals (high school programs only)

“Fun In The Space”

The Space (Orange High School) in collaboration with The Zone (Orange Preparatory Academy) hosted its annual summer transitional program. Students participated in a variety of activities including enrichment in English & Math, Life Skills & Team Building Activities & Recreation. For the first time this year, we asked students to write a song about their experience in the summer program. In collaboration with OHS’ Choral Director, David Milnes, students wrote and recorded “Fun In The Space” within three days!

Listen Here!



Gillian McGrath, The Loft, Columbia High School –

Candace Ebbesen, The Hub, Maplewood Middle School –

Elizabeth Kennedy, The Den, Bloomfield High School –

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