Resources: March 16, 2021

Resources: March 16, 2021

Dear Community Partners,

As we continue staying safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important that we reach out to our peers, and our community partners to communicate our moral care and support.
Below you will find our weekly resource post. Be sure to check out upcoming events, resources and announcements here:  Resource Tuesday

If you would like to post any upcoming events, resources, programs, etc. on the next blog, please e-mail Julia Revoredo at [email protected]

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We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are continuing the hard work to support our Coalition Family and Essex County residents.

Don’t forget that Family Connections’ ADAPT Coalition continues efforts to reduce underage drinking, prescription medication abuse/misuse, and youth tobacco use.

Become a member of ADAPT by filling out a member application:​​

Find out about future ADAPT programs by visiting:



Our team is working to collect data that will help us understand some substance use trends occurring in Essex County during the pandemic. The survey is completely confidential and anonymous and is available in an electronic format. Any Essex County resident can complete the BRIEF survey by clicking on the following link:

We will be keeping the survey open through March 19, 2021. We are asking all of our coalition members and partners who live in Essex County to complete this survey. Once completed, kindly share the survey with your network!



Help ADAPT bring resources to the LGBTQ+ communities in Essex County. The survey is available and will be open through April 26, 2021. The survey is open to all Essex County LGBTQ+ residents over 18 years old.




The Incorruptible.Essex Youth Tobacco Action Group (YTAG) Program is for Essex County youth ages 13-18 who are interested in improving their community and saving lives. Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease, disability, and death in the U.S. 90% of daily cigarette smokers first tried cigarettes by age 18. 99% tried smoking by age 26. Recent increases in the use of e-cigarettes is driving increases in tobacco product use among youth. By preventing youth tobacco initiation, millions of lives can be saved. Teens will create social media campaigns, educate the community, and advocate for policy changes. Youth can win gift cards, earn community hours, learn valuable skills, participate in free leadership events, and boost college applications and resumes.

For more information, please contact Jessica Delgado at [email protected]



The National Institute of Health recently presented findings from research in Molecular Psychiatry highlighting the impact COVID-19 and its complications have on individuals with a substance use disorder. This means that we have an immediate need to work together to support individuals suffering from substance use disorder and their families and prevent substance use during the current pandemic.
Join Family Connections’ ADAPT Coalition and CarePlus NJ’s Family Support Center for this FREE webinar titled “Assisting Families with Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services,” which was released on Monday, March 15, 2021. ADAPT Senior Manager Joel Torres facilitated a presentation from Family Coordinator Ratna Joshi-Nelson, M.S., DCAR, CJ, HeD.



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