What We Do

Through community-level interventions, we:

  • Strive to decrease the use of alcohol and drugs while also empowering people to choose healthier lifestyles.
  • Educate on the consequences of substance use, current drug trends, prevention strategies, and resources available to prevent and treat addiction.
  • Empower and collaborate to improve awareness and prevention through our trainings and committees.

Advocate for local and countywide changes in policy, programs, and practices to improve the wellness and safety of all Essex County residents.

If you want to request our services, please complete an ADAPT Request Form. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Underage Drinking Committee

   Family Connections’ ADAPT Coalition’s Underage Drinking Committee focuses on planning and implementing various underage drinking initiatives. This includes but is not limited to, non-enforced compliance checks of local alcohol and tobacco retailers, providing Responsible Beverage Service training to alcohol establishments (i.e., liquor stores, bars, and restaurants), promoting awareness of the Good Samaritan Law, and advocating for the enforcement of the Social Host Law and Private Property Ordinance.

Sticker Shock Campaigns:  ADAPT youth leaders work to decrease the purchase of alcohol for minors by partnering with local law enforcement officials and business owners to educate the community and increase enforcement of current laws.

Responsible Beverage Service Training: ADAPT partners with local organizations, like the New Jersey License Beverage Association (NJLBA), to provide Techniques of Alcohol Management Training to Essex County alcohol retail establishment staff members, local bartenders, etc.  

Prescription Drug Committee

The Prescription Drug Committee is focused on the ADAPT initiatives related to prescription drugs. This includes, but is not limited to, collaborating with local pharmacists to educate consumers, providing prescription medication misuse/abuse educational programs for senior citizens, and increasing the number of permanent medication disposal sites in Essex County. 

Prescription Dropboxes: ADAPT partners with local law enforcement agencies to provide accessible prescription medication disposal sites in police department lobbies throughout Essex County. Locations can be found in our “Drop it in the Box” Map!

WISE Program: ADAPT provides The Wellness Initiative for Senior Education (WISE) Program for older adults throughout Essex County. The WISE Program is a six-lesson curriculum, each lesson aims to increase knowledge and awareness related to health, aging, and healthcare. WISE provides older adults (60+) with information and resources needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Interfaith Committee

In 2015, ADAPT collaborated with the Essex County Department of Community Health Services and Essex County Prosecutor’s Office to form the Essex County Interfaith Steering Committee, now known as the Essex County Interfaith Committee.  The mission of the Interfaith Committee is to empower the faith-based leadership of Essex County to understand and engage in the issues affecting overall wellness in their communities.

Interfaith Symposium:  The committee hosts an annual Interfaith Symposium to provide resources and information to faith-based leaders and the community.  The forum brings together faith leaders, public health specialists, law enforcement officials, educators and other community members to discuss the importance of collaborating to prevent substance abuse, expand access to treatment and support overall wellness throughout Essex County.

Roundtable Trainings:  The committee hosts quarterly roundtable trainings to ensure that faith-based communities have efficient training and resources to support members of their community dealing with substance abuse health-related issues.  The topics for these trainings are developed based on feedback from attendees of previous symposiums and roundtable training sessions.

LGBTQ+ Committee

The LGBTQ+ Committee is a collaboration between ADAPT, North Jersey Community Research Initiative (NJCRI), and the Newark Pride Center to enhance substance use prevention efforts for LGBTQ+ residents in Essex County. The committee originated in Spring 2020 and will focus on increasing evidence-based programming and resources for LGBTQ+ communities throughout Essex County. This includes, but is not limited to, conducting a countywide data collection process to identify the current needs of LGBTQ+ residents.

Youth Tobacco Action Group (YTAG): Incorruptible.Essex

Incorruptible.Essex is a youth tobacco/vaping prevention initiative for Essex County youth from 13-18 years old funded by the New Jersey Department of Health, Office of Tobacco Free, Nutrition, and Fitness. Incorruptible.Essex youth leaders create social media campaigns, educate the community, and advocate for policy changes. They have the opportunity to attend FREE trips and events and boost their college applications and resumes. 

Applications to Incorruptible.Essex are accepted on a rolling basis at: https://bit.ly/YTAGessexapp. Feel free to like, follow, and share us on Instagram and Facebook @incorruptible.essex and @incorruptible.us.